Reduce business debts 40%-80% without bankruptcy or litigation.


Our proven, risk-free, debt restructuring techniques help your business
  • Reduce problem bills 40% to 80%
  • Save thousands of dollars in attorney and legal fees, interest and court costs
  • Prevent additional public exposure to bankers, vendors, suppliers and competitors
  • Protect assets and credit rating
  • Produce a Win/Win solution for you and your creditors

Our Certified Debt Management Professionals can help you by restructuring your debt.
  • Settle your debts for pennies on the dollar, often in a matter of days
  • Avoid costly and time-consuming legal proceedings
  • Preserve your business relationships
  • Avoid the stress and embarrassment of collection calls and letters
  • Avoid the possibility of seeking bankruptcy protection


It is less expensive for us to solve your problem using our no-risk debt reduction program than it is for you to fight in court.

Compared to litigation, your costs are considerably lower, disposition is faster, privacy is maintained, and relationships are preserved. In short, we create a Win/Win solution for your business and your creditors.

We can make a good business better, a marginal business good and a failing business a survivor.

Call us now at 800-959-4092 to arrange a no-obligation, confidential and risk-free consultation with a Certified Debt Management Professional.

Have your creditors and collectors call us instead of you, allowing you and your staff to concentrate on running your business.

Our Guarantee

If we can not get you a settlement that is to your satisfaction, there is no fee.